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New York and the Examined Life

This clip features two of my favorite philosophers: Cornel West and Peter Singer. While I tend to disagree with them on certain philosophical grounds, I love their respective styles. Singer discussing poverty in the context of extreme excess is classic. … Continue reading

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Why the Redistribution of Wealth?

Because it is the right thing to do. 3 Nephi Chapter 6:   4 And they began again to prosper and to wax great; and the twenty and sixth and seventh years passed away, and there was great order in … Continue reading

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“My Husband is a Socialist”

Here is another post that does not fit in with the normal FPR post: I am taking an independent reading on political economy with a member of the economics department at the institution where I am working on a doctorate … Continue reading

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My Ideological Journey

I grew up a very right wing conservative in the Maryland Suburbs of Washington, DC. I was actually known as “Mr. Republican.” It helped that I wore a tie as a conservative statement. I also wore a Bush/Quayle button for … Continue reading

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