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“By Night in Chile”: Reflections on a novel by Roberto Bolano

            By Night in Chile by Roberto Bolano is not so much about Chile and its troubled past, as it is about Chile’s intellectual elite.  While the focus of the stories is on the literary elite of Chile, the message … Continue reading

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Pick Romney….Please

  With the Olympics started it looks like all of the VP chatter will have to wait until after the Summer Olympics. The question had been whether or not McCain, or Obama, or both would announce there veep choice before … Continue reading

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I know that Mitt is true.

In testimony meeting this month, a good sister bore testimony of Mitt Romney. She stated that she knew that God had prepared Gordon B. Hinckley to be the prophet is these days. Then she said that she knew that God … Continue reading

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“My Husband is a Socialist”

Here is another post that does not fit in with the normal FPR post: I am taking an independent reading on political economy with a member of the economics department at the institution where I am working on a doctorate … Continue reading

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Political Economy and the BOM

On July 13, over at By Common Consent Taryn Nelson-Seawright posted about the nature of economic and political liberalism and leftism amongst Mormons. The post and the related 127 comments can be found here. I am not going to comment … Continue reading

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