I have recently read two posts on testimony the I have loved:

Ronan’s beautiful “On these three thing hangs my testimony.”

And Enoch’s thought provoking post on sharing “nuancimony.”

In honor of these posts (and the addition of Enoch as a permablogger to FPR), I share with you this testimony:

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6 Responses to Testify!

  1. Morgan D. says:

    No Rage Against the Machine?

  2. Chris H. says:

    Morgan: They are the video clip. Not sure if I get the question.

  3. Morgan D. says:

    haha. Its my fault. I read the title wrong and then said to myself “screw that lame band I want Rage…”. Thats what I get for reading too fast and not being willing to look at video clips before posting.

  4. Chris H. says:

    Oh, good. I was worried that maybe it was not working. Also, good to see you around.

  5. David G. says:

    LOL, when I checked this a few days ago, my browser wasn’t showing the imbedded link, and I thought, hmm, maybe Chris’s point is that he’s got nothing to testify about? Glad to see it was the browser and not how you wrote the post.

  6. Chris H. says:


    I always have something to testify about. 🙂

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